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We are the manufacturer of Farm Pro brand Trailing Grain Feeders, Seed & Super Auger Trailers, Paddock Rollers and Pasture Seeders.

We are based at St Arnaud in the heart of central Victoria, and service all states of Australia.

About Us

Our Managing Director John Cochrane started with his first real design and welding project at age 14 by building a mini bike from an old lawn mower engine, push bike sprockets and his dads wheel barrow. The need for “R&D”, improved welding, and engineering skills became quickly evident.

After several more years of schooling, apprenticeship and still more training (which never seems to stop) the basic skills were in place. Later working in Darwin after cyclone Tracy and welding at the new “School Of the Air” building in Alice Springs (1978) he moved back to commercial construction industry in Melbourne and started a family, which then prompted a move to the country.

In 1988 Fallow Engineering was formed at Carapooee, Victoria to manufacture and market deer “Stock Handlers” and other products aimed specifically for the deer industry.

By 1990 Fallow Engineering had evolved into Farm Pro. This name change was brought about due to the fact that our products, originally developed for the deer industry, were also being requested by mainstream farmers.

During 1995 Farm Pro relocated to St Arnaud along with the establishment of its subsidiary St Arnaud Steel. Not long after this occurred, Farm Pro moved into its current location at Kell Road due to the growing demand for Farm Pro equipment.

Farm Pro’s “Specialist Farm Engineering” now continues on designing and manufacturing a range of products for farmers based on value, quality, serviceability and safety.

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