Pasture Pro

Product Features

  • Standard Sizes From 8 to 35 Rows At 7″ spacing – Custom Sizes Available
  • Ideal for Lucerne, Canola, Turnips Small Pasture Seeds and Other Small Seed Crops
  • Sowing Rates From 0.2kg to 150kg per Hectare (Canola / Lucerne)
  • Better Control Of Seed Depth, Stops Small Seeds Been Buried To Deep
  • Infinitely variable gear for easy calibration
  • Multiple box sizes and outlet numbers
  • Roller Lightly Compacts Soil Resulting In Better Moisture Retention And Better Germination
  • Towing Only Requires Low Horse Power
  • Triple Row Harrow Tines Pivot Freely In Reverse, Clears Trash Easily
  • Handles Rocky/Stony & Trash

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