Opti Bin 1.3m³ to 4.4m³

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Product Features

  • Galvanised steel cone and hot dipped galvanised chassis and frames
  • Jockey wheel on all models
  • Galvanised mudguards on all units
  • Adjustable choke in cone to vary flow rate
  • 15″ 5-stud (Ford) Sunraysia rims with Highway Tyres
  • or 16″ 5-stud (Ford) Black rims with Off-Road Tyres
  • 39mm Round dura flex axle on 1.3m³ units, 40mm square axle on 2.2m³
  • Positive Rope Pull open and closed
  • Adjustable and serviceable control systems
  • Easy to clean and wash out – all galvanised
  • 1.3m³ units can be conveniently towed by an ATV or UTV (subject to manufacturer specifications)
  • 4.4m³ unit has standard 2 x 2.2m&sup3 compartments to make feeding large mobs or mixing grains simple


  • Divider can be fitted to 2.2m³ units (and above) to use two feeds
  • Bungie-cord poly tarp, Heavy duty tarp, Roll-top tarp, or metal cover available for most units
  • 12-Volt wireless remote control electric ram open and close (multi-position)
  • Electric LED lights and wiring (standard on tandem wheel units)
  • Override disc brake (standard on 3.2m³ and 4.4m³ units)

Standard Specifications

Cone Sizes
1.5m wide x 1.5m long x 1.6mm thick
75 x 50 mm RHS
Overall length (including tow pull)
1.3m³ & 2.2m³ units 3.190m
Overall height(side)
1.3m³ unit 1.220m
2.2m³ unit 1.600m
Overall width (mudguards)
1.3m³ unit 1.700m
2.2m³ unit 1.880m
1.3m³ unit 230kg
2.2m³ unit 260kg
Wheels & Tyres
15″ S/H Highway (1.3 Single-axle)
16″ S/H Off-road (2.2 Single-axle)
Cone Sizes
1.8m wide x 1.8m long x 1.6mm thick
150/100 x 50 mm RHS
Overall length (including tow pull)
2.2m³ & 3.2m³ units 3.400m
Twin Bin 4.4m³ units 4.600m
Overall height(side)
2.2m³ unit 1.750m
3.2m³ unit 1.730m
4.4m³ unit 1.750m
Overall width (mudguards)
2.2m³ unit 1.860m
3.2m³ unit 1.880m
4.4m³ unit 1.890m
2.2m³ unit 360kg
3.2m³ unit 626kg
4.4m³ unit 710kg
Wheels & Tyres
15″ S/H Highway (2.2 Tandem-axle)
16″ S/H Off-road (3.2 & 4.4 Tandem)

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