Dual Paddock Roller

Product Features

  • Presses large clods and stones down for better mowing for hay or harvesting with less ‘wear and tear’ on equipment
  • Available to be used as single or multiple units from 10ft – 40ft (3.0m – 12.0m) to suit most required widths
  • Pre-Rolling paddocks can provide the benefits of better prepared seed beds
  • Ideal for peas, canola,  as well as other crops and pastures
  • Roller lightly compacts soil allowing for more shallow seed planting, resulting in better germination
  • 22.5″ Semi-trailer tyres used for better and easier rolling than small diameter tyres
  • Easy Bolt-on Heavy-Duty Bearing Housings and Stub Axles
  • Large-diameter tyres reduce the ‘Plowing Effect’ if ground is soft or wet
  • Can easily be used as single units
  • Swing-Out Draw Bars with Gravity-Drop Pins Lock into Work or into Road Transport position without extra effort
  • Simple to fold for transport and re-open for use, without unhooking
  • Heavy duty frame and tyre tube to allow units to travel on road with high camber or over levy banks with no damage
  • 4 Year Structural Warranty

Standard Specifications

Tyre diameter:  41″ / 1.050m
Standard roller weight:  360 kg/m
Water-filled weight:  (additional) 125 kg/m
Main Frame size:  75mm RHS
Draw bar size:  100x150mm
Bearings:  Heavy-duty Industrial
 Greasable & Self-centering
Rolling widths:  6.5m
Model Each Unit
Width (m)
Width (m)
Width (ft)
Width (m)
Weight (kg)
Weight (kg)
PRTD6.5 3.300 6.450 21′ 0″ 3.600 2300 3106
PRTD8.0 4.300 8.450 27′ 4″ 4.560 2800 3856
PRTDCTM9 4.700 9.250 30′ 4″ 4.960 3030 4186

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